Daid provides products and services that help customers maintain health, safety, environmental and regulatory compliance. Our sales engineers provide solutions that support the high standards for any Ceramics producing facility.
It takes tremendous amount of power to process raw materials to produce products such as Ceramics. This is why your power transmission and Conveyor systems need to meet the highest standards. Daid understands your situation, and offers custom solutions. We have developed a wide range of partnerships with our partners and can offer Conveyor systems and power transmission tools which will solve your challenges and keep your business performing at a high efficiency with little downtime. Daid offers what Industrial customers are looking for. We do not supply just the right components, but also offer complete hydraulic and electromechanical systems including monitoring systems.

Responding flexibly to flexible needs

The Ceramics industry is a high investment industry. This means that the efficiency of funds spent on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) components and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) programs are important to keep your costs low. Daid reacts to production ramp ups, with increased personnel availability and ensuring the parts you need are in stock

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