Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals & Refineries

From a production perspective, uptime is extremely important. Our dedication to product safety and sustainability, along with decades of experience and proactive service, enables us to improve reliability of your equipment.

Products that perform in extreme conditions

In petrochemical plants and refineries, high pressure, high temperatures, and hazardous liquids and gases place extreme demands on installations. Only the very best seals, valves, instrumentation and hoses are good enough. You can rely on global specialist Daid to deliver the quality you need. We are right at home in midstream (transport and storage) and downstream (refinery) activities. Our extensive stock and our local production units ensure fast delivery. What’s more, we can arrange to test components on-site and continuously monitor your system.

Choose experience

As you face your supply, maintenance, health and safety, and environmental challenges, Daid in partnership with ERIKS is by your side. Our expert engineers draw on years of experience when recommending products and solutions. With our network of world leading suppliers and manufacturing sites, we develop solutions with your needs in mind.

Project management

Daid in partnership with ERIKS has a strong track record partnering with international contractors on major industrial construction projects. Are you building a new refinery, petrochemical complex, power station or oil and gas production facilities? We offer project management for the supply of valves, hoses and seals.

Elastomeric solutions for the chemical processing market

Applications in the Petrochemical Industry are often critical. In close collaboration with the industry, ERIKS developed many specialty and high performance rubber compounds. The various environments and equipment used in processes in chemical plants ask for sealing and rubber products with chemical resistance and low and high temperature resistance. Daid via its partnership with ERIKS can offer these solutions to you as a customer of Daid.

Minimize downtime by optimizing stock

Daid not only supplies replacement parts, we can also analyze your purchase and stock data to increase the efficiency of your purchasing process. We help you limit the number of suppliers, and we indicate which crucial components you need to keep in stock. Stock optimization reduces your capital requirement and minimizes downtime

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