Power, Energy & HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning)

Through our partnerships with internationally renowned specialists, Daid knows the power generation market as well as the Energy and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning) industry through and through – both the supply and the demand side. This has made us a leading supplier.

Parts that perform under the harshest conditions

Daid offers you a wide range of Eriks-developed gaskets that meet the high process requirements of the energy supply industry. Hydraulic assemblies, drive elements and valves are commonly used in power plants along with a wide range of seals, which are a match for even the most extreme conditions. Our partnership with Eriks means we can supply the above along with their standard product range at short delivery times standard, too.

Daid covers the whole supply chain

We find you the best product for every power generation application worldwide – without compromising on safety or quality. When working on a project basis, we can also offer you attractive delivery times thanks to our extensive stocks. And of course, we arrange all the necessary documents, drawings and pressure and material certificates for you, too.
We’re equally at home in renewable energy, such as biodiesel production and solar energy.

Waste water recycling

Waste water treatment is essential. Daid ensures the continuity of operation in your waste water installations.

Comprehensive technical bearing

Daid offers a very wide (electro) mechanical power transmission and bearing program. When optimizing your installation reliability, you can also count on support by using alignment, condition monitoring or reconditioning of bearings.

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